About Profits of Chaos

Welcome to the site. I’m Peter St. Onge. I’ll be talking about the economics of the future — new technologies, emerging social and political trends, economic and financial events. This is a labor of love for me, so whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or innocent bystander, I hope you’ll enjoy the articles and videos and I hope you’ll join in the comments.

As for me, I’m an economist and Assistant Professor of International Trade at Feng Chia University in Taiwan. My Ph.D. is in economics from George Mason University and, like many at Mason, I’m an “Austrian School” economist. Meaning, roughly, economics where humans act like humans — with goals, beliefs, errors, and genius — not like calculating machines or random statistical ping-pongs. I was a former Summer Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the world’s premier research institute for Austrian Economics.

My academic work focuses on business cycles, currencies, and economic history — most recently the currency-related crisis in Song China that led to the Mongol Conquest. Before academia I ran a private equity fund, using business cycle theory to time investments.

I started my career in corporate marketing, first at Fortune-500 Harris Corporation, based out of Mexico, then as North America Marketing Director for Japan’s Takara Toys, located outside Tokyo. Nowadays I live in Taichung, Taiwan, which has literally the best Mexican food in Asia. 

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