We’re living in one of the Golden Ages of history — rarely has there been so much opportunity for regular people as entrepreneurs, investors, or innovators. Of course, lots of stuff sucks — poverty, regulations, injustice — but the glass is very much half-full.


On this blog I want to focus on that opportunity, in particular the doors thrown open and the gatekeepers deposed by today’s 4 Horsemen: the internet, globalization, rising incomes and rising tech. The future’s coming fast, and none of us want to sleep through it.


Peter St Onge, Ph.D. is an Austrian School economist and Assistant Professor of International Trade at Feng Chia University. Before academia, he ran a private equity fund and worked in strategic marketing in manufacturing, media, and consumer goods. He’s a former Mises Institute Fellow and a ¬†libertarian who wants to live on a sovereign boat. In the meantime, he lives in Taiwan with the classic wife-and-kids bundle.


He is a graduate of McGill University (B.A., Economics and Political Science) and George Mason University (M.A.; Ph.D., Economics). He lives in Taiwan.


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