Fast Company on the Jobs of the Future

Jobs of 2025?One take on the “jobs of the future,” looking at 2025.

There’s a pretty heavy dose of artistic license here; “sex worker trainers” is a fairly unconventional choice. Still, overall a decent list: more personal services (um, not that kind), personalized education and health.

So, with that, here’s Fast Company’s list:

1. Personal branding: Especially given the increase in “On-demand” workers, they need a way to market themselves.
2. Professional “triber”: silly jargon, but they mean people who organize on-demand teams. Basically, an “on-demand” manager roughly analogous to a talent agent.
3. Freelance professors: cutting out the middleman, with educators appealing directly to students.
4. Urban farmers: the “urban” part’s silly — the economics aren’t there — but valid to predict artisanal, bespoke farming which is, helpfully, far more labor-intensive
5. End-of-life planner: hopefully gene-editing prevents this…
6. Senior carer: lots of older people means lots of senior-sitters
7. Remote health-care specialist: like the freelance professor and the artisanal farmers, health-care also goes customized
8. Neuro-implant technicians: more customization, of your brain. Who needs shrinks or Tony Robbins when you can tweak the chip.
9. Smart-home handy person: as your house pick up more features, you’ll need more people to maintain the thing
10. Virtual reality experience designer: yet more customization, here of entertainment


Zooming out, the theme is customization: the masses can join the rich in having their goods and services personalized and customized. I’d argue this is really just part of a bigger trend: that when we ask where will the jobs come from, we’re really just asking what people will want in a richer society. Easy: they’ll want what rich people want today. So it has been for the past 500 years, so it will continue unless we do something really stupid to the economy. I don’t mean Trump or Hillary stupid, I mean wholesale gutting. Which is very unlikely in the next, say, 30 years.

In which case it’s easy to predict the jobs of the future: most jobs will come from mass-marketization of stuff that today’s rich-people enjoy.  With a relatively minor assist from brand-new stuff. Just like it’s been for centuries.


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