Taiwan’s Social Safety Net is the Street Market

Free-marketers are often ridiculed for suggesting the welfare state can be substantially replaced by free enterprise: that we’re smoking funny weed to even suggest that able-bodied adults would be better

Fast Company on the Jobs of the Future

One take on the “jobs of the future,” looking at 2025. There’s a pretty heavy dose of artistic license here; “sex worker trainers” is a fairly unconventional choice. Still, overall

Review: Robin Hanson’s Age of Em

Robin Hanson, the closest we have today to an economist of science fiction — he might prefer “economist of the singularity” — has a new book out this week. Called

Innovation and the Regulatory State

Last post I argued that there are no economic or brain-power limits to innovation. That the single factor holding back innovation is simply the policies we choose. This isn’t just speculation:

Will Economics End Innovation?

Is innovation slowing? Will it stop? A new paper by one Jonathan Huebner in the awesomely-named journal “Technological Forecasting & Social Change” argues that innovation is slowing, indeed that it’s

The Fallacy of “Buy Land — They’re Not Making Any More”

“Buy land — they’re not making any more!” is an old investing chestnut, and a commonsense one to boot. Economically, it’s also completely false.

The Amazing Make-Everything Machine

The job-threatening rise of the machines is an economically illiterate meme that refuses to die. We’re actually probably in the early stages of it, a bull-market in luddism, if you

Why is America in a 15-year Slowdown?

One of the more interesting economic debates in the past couple of decades is why the economy is slowing down. Since 2000 per capita GDP growth in the US has

Does Cheap Oil Cause Recession?

[Excerpt from the January Austrian Investing Monthly Newsletter. Download free at St Onge Research.] Does cheap oil cause recession? Not when Oil Supply is Soaring. For the past year, the

Will Robots Eat the Poor?

What happens when robots and AI start taking all the jobs? Counter-intuitively, it’s the poor who will benefit the most. And it’s the upper-middle class who will complain the loudest. Do

Will Mega-Corps Own Our Future?

Over the past century economists have hotly debated whether the dynamic forces of capitalism are taking us to a future dominated by a few Mega-Corps, or will these dinosaurs be eaten

“Big Data” and Austrian Economics

[Excerpted from the November Austrian Investment Monthly. Download a full copy at St Onge Research] “Big Data,” the latest and greatest data fad, makes the Austrian approach even more important to investors. How

Had a great chat with Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante last week. Jeff’s a passionate anarchist, leads an interesting life, and has really interesting ideas. I’ll be at Jeff’s

Is Europe’s “Nixon Shock” Next?

George Soros is at it again, lecturing poor Europe with his economic musings. In an op-ed  on monetary policy in Britain’s lefty Guardian, Soros claims that European countries are in trouble

What Does Wine Think of This Market?

[Today’s post is excerpted from the October Austrian Investment Monthly newsletter. Now available for free download at St Onge Research] Is gold weakness getting confirmation. Or is that just the

Is it Suspicious that Markets Go Up?

One refrain we hear from cynics is that investing in the stockmarket is a scam. That we are idiots for thinking the market goes up forever when, everybody knows, “what